Skating rink in Heyburn getting a remodel

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HEYBURN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Adults, players and volunteers gathered Friday morning to remove fixtures at the Heyburn in-line skating rink in preparation to replace the playing surface.

"The rink is 24 years old and needs a little TLC," said Siobhan Weeks, the president of the Mini-Cassia Inline Hockey Association.

The team aims to make the rink more enjoyable to play in. The crew removed the walls, posts and other materials around the rink. The main area of concern is the aging asphalt.

"We've tried patching it for the last 5 years, the cracks are probably 3-4 inches wide," Weeks said. "It is absolutely no fun when your roller blade, or your ball, or your stick gets stuck in the cracks."

Hockey player Skyler Barker said that there's cracks all over the place.

"We call them mountains, 'cause as soon as you hit a ball over that, it skips and jumps, and goes over your stick, and it's gnarly."

And while the team has been raising money to do this, local businesses decided to pitch in as well.

"We had the city of Burley donate, we've had the city of Rupert donate, and the city of Heyburn all donate, so we've got all three tri-cities on board to support the kids that play here every year from both sides of the river," Weeks said. "we also have about 14 local businesses that have come on board to help as well."

Barker said that it means a lot to have the support.

"Seeing all these companies donate, it's awesome," he said. "It's really awesome. 'Cause it actually shows that they care about what we're doing in this little hockey rink that no one even knows about."

The rink is scheduled to be complete the middle of July, and will be ready for the hockey team to play when the season starts again in the fall.

Organizers didn't readily have a total of how much the work was going to cost.

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