Skin cancer threat is real, regardless of weather conditions

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It's been a long, hot summer and the strength of the sun’s rays could be damaging your skin.

The more time you spend outside with exposed skin, the greater the risk of skin cancer.

Even on cloudy days, the ultraviolet rays can still penetrate through.

Apply sunscreen to the back of your hands often.And when working outside, use gloves.

Pay special attention to the skin around your face. We often protect our eyes with sunglasses, but other areas are just as important.

“The skin is very thin there and as people age the skin gets thinner,” said Melanie Gonzales, Cancer Education Coordinator. “Often times the signs of skin cancer show up there most often because it's exposed all of the time.”

People with fair skin or who are prone to freckling are at a heightened risk.

You can invest in clothing designated to protect you from the sun. Those items will be marked with a UPF sticker.

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