Soldier Mountain Ski Resort hopes to open soon

Soldier Mountain in January of 2017
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) As days turn into weeks and those turn into months, the owners of Soldier Mountain Ski Resort have been waiting for enough snow to open.

"It's a pretty painful wait, we're chomping at the bit," said Matt McFerran, one of the owners.

McFerran and his staff have everything ready, the lifts, the trails. They just need enough snow now.

This week a storm dropped eight or nine inches of snow on the mountain. McFerran said that shrunk to about six or seven inches added to the base.

"We're hoping to open by next weekend," McFerran said.

That depends on nature though. While McFerran hopes they can open soon, they still need about another foot of snow.

McFerran and his wife have owned the resort for three seasons. He said they were blessed with two huge winters in their first two seasons, but that doesn't make this wait any easier.

They may be able to start cat-skiing sooner than they can open the lifts. That's because there's more snow at the higher elevations.

McFerran said they will post on their website and social media as soon as they have an opening date.

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