South Central Public Health District welcomes legislators

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Local and state officials were in Jerome last week to take part in a special event put on by the South Central Public Health District.

Health District Director Melody Bowyer explained what went on.

"So this is a once a year event that we host or legislatures and county commissioners. We want to share some really good work we're doing in public health,” Bowyer stated.

They came from all over the Magic Valley and Wood River Valley and talked about a wide variety of topics.

"First one is the 'teacher as parents' program, and then we're also going to talk about the citizens review panel program, and lastly we're going to talk about e-cigarettes,” Bowyer explained.

Health education Specialist Cody Orchard talked about e-cigarettes.

"I'm going over a few of the chemicals that have potential dangers with e-cigarettes. I'm also going over nicotine content with e-cigarettes, how much nicotine is in like the JUUL Pod or the Air Sorin drop, that we're seeing really common with teenagers. I'm also showing them new devices that teenagers are getting caught with at schools,” Orchard explained.

Orchard also talked about why the annual event is so important.

"Some of them might not actually know what's going on in the community, especially with e-cigarettes or parents as teachers program. What's actually being taught at a local level. It's really good for them to learn and to know what community involvement the health department has,” Orchard said.

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