Southern Idaho seniors talk about what's important to them

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On a day where many Idahoans over the age of 50 are with the American Association of Retired People, lobbying legislators at the state capitol, KMVT decided to talk to seniors still here at home to see what's important to them. In order to do so we went to the Senior Junction and WayUp Café out in Burley to talk to seniors in Southern Idaho. They had a variety of issues they all considered important when they head to the voting booth.

"Gun control is one thing I'm concerned about," said Burley resident Clint Evens.

However, the majority of discussions turned back to the issues of health coverage and Social Security.

"In my lifetime, they're probably not going to do much with Medicaid," Evens said. "Nobody, I don't think anybody's got enough guts to change anything. Unless they change for somebody that was just born today."

"I'm concerned about medical bankruptcy," said Burley resident James Eagle. "We work all our lives, retire, and hopefully live our golden years in peace."

"In my lifetime, they're probably not going to do much about Medicaid," said Sue H. "Our Social Security comes down lower, lower and lower every year. So like this, I lost $10 more than I lost last year."

Fellow Burley resident Charles Maxwell Sr. says he doesn't concern himself with health care because he's healthy and wants to save money.

"I don't have it because I feel that's taking a hundred something dollars away from my income that I could use for something else," he said.

And while many of these seniors may not be at the state capitol to lobby legislators on issues important to them, they intend to make their voices heard at the voting booth and believe the younger generation should as well.

"The younger ones should be out voting too, because one day there going to be in our shoes," Eagle said. "The decisions they make today are the ones they'll have to live with when they're my age."

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