Over 300 hundred people attend Soil Health Workshop on Thursday

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Dairy nutritionist Shane Holt explains to those attending how the nutrient forage produces meat and milk during the Mini-Cassia Soil and Water Conservation Districts' soil health workshop on Thursday.

"The magic thing about cattle is that they can take forages that we can't digest as humans and we can grow this cover crops on ground and then we can run through a cow and turn that into milk and meat," Holt said.

And Holt believes it's about the resources.

"It's about being responsible stewards and using our resources to efficiently produce food for our country," he said.

More than 300 people capitalized on those resources by attending the fourth year of the workshop. The workshops are set up to get farmers to adopt to new practices.

"There's some guys that have decades of experience doing cover crops and direct seeding and running livestock into these systems as well and that’s something that we're really interested in as well," said Brian Kossman,

Kossman, the chairmen with Mini-Cassia Soil and Water Conservation district, tells KMVT reporter hopefully the workshops will help farmers within our region.

"Make this valley more sustainable for longer, given what I see our biggest limiting factor is the amount of water we have," he said.

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