St. Luke's Buhl clinic seeing success after months of being open

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BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Since a new clinic opened in Twin Falls County to serve those who don't live in Twin Falls City, they've been seeing some success.

St. Luke's Buhl clinic opened in February and a doctor there says they've been busy ever since.

"It’s been great to have the extra services, the x-ray and the lab," said Bryan Mason, M.D.

He said they see multiple use out of their lab room everyday.

They even have a women's health specialist and cardiologist who come to provide services from time to time.

Mason said patients are happy being able to get care close to home and eliminating the almost 30 minute drive to Twin Falls.

"We hear from them all the time and have patients who have had physicians in Twin who they've loved and adored and worked with, but just because they're getting elderly and they can't get there anymore and they don't have transportation, they come here and they're very grateful that we have it here," he said.

Mason said they want to continue to expand as they are already getting full and are hoping to hire more providers to serve even more patients.

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