Family Medicine Residency Program works with doctors out of medical school

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Once a person finishes college, they then go on to medical school if they have decided they want to become a doctor.

The residency program at St. Luke's works with doctors who have just finished medical school in family medicine, psychiatry and internal medicine

After graduating from medical school, they have to complete their residency in one specific area and that may be dermatology, cardiology, or family medicine.

“I wanted to go into family medicine, because I wanted to treat people of all ages and all types. The family medicine residency is three years long, in your residency you start out as your first year as an intern, and you slowly increase in your responsibilities and number of patients you can see as you go through," said third year resident, Tony Blankers.

Doctor's at St. Luke's can complete their residency in family medicine, internal medicine, or psychiatry.

"We rotate through, we have our continuity clinic in Jerome where we see patients once a week for all three years, and then we do different rotations, like I’m doing inpatient medicine right now, we do an obstetrics rotation where we get to deliver babies," said first year resident Tory Talbutt.

The story behind choosing family medicine is different for each doctor.

"In medical school, I realized I loved women’s health and pregnancy, and those types of things, but I also really loved taking care of the children after they were born," said Talbutt.

And for those in their last year of residency, they are planning for their future.

"I have always wanted to be a small town family doc, to deliver babies, work with moms, work with kids, and work with middle age people, old people everyone in between," said Blankers.

The St. Luke's residency program only takes in two people per year.

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