St. Luke's celebrating national nutrition month

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It’s National Nutrition Month, and St. Luke’s is offering help to those who want to eat healthier.

Every Wednesday in March, dietitians at St. Luke’s will be in the cafeteria answering questions, as well as offering a healthy meal.

In addition to that, at St. Luke’s Magic Valley, there will be a little farmers market set up, where people can buy all the ingredients needed for a healthy meal.

Dietitian Leslie Bell explained the bags a little further.

“So if the meal features eggplant, it'll have eggplant in it, if there's carrots in the recipe, the bag will have carrots, and in the bag will also be the recipe that goes along with the meal the kitchen made for the day,” Bell stated.

The event will be going on every Wednesday through the end of the month, at all St. Luke’s locations, and is available to all.

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