Stalled liquor legislation garners reactions

(KMVT/KSVT) — Legislation proposed to alter Idaho liquor laws could change how establishments sell alcohol. In fact, one business owner says the proposal could cost Idaho bars.

The legislation, which has now stalled in the State Senate Affairs Committee, proposed a change in how liquor licenses are sold and allocated among establishments that can legally sell alcohol. Currently, licenses are distributed based on population size through the state government. The legislation met resistance from bar owners who already own a liquor license, saying any change in the current system could affect the value their licenses currently hold.

"My first thoughts are it'd be taking away from the value," said 55 Windbreak owner L.K. Avelar. "Not only the value, but that hard work current bar owners have gone through to sustain their current liquor license. So for the county or city to offer liquor licenses to just anybody that wants to come in and get one would deter away from business."

Despite the legislation stalling in committee, sponsor of the legislation Sen. Jim Rice, R-Caldwell, sayshe's already working on a compromise bill to bring back for the legislative session.

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