State superintendent hears educators concerns; visits school classrooms

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Sherri Ybarra, the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Idaho State Department of Education, is addressing the the school district and staff member's concerns across Idaho.

This is after a heated race for her re-election and the first time coming to the city after the election.

"I love the Twin Falls area It's an opportunity for me to sit down with folks and hear about their challenges as well as what's working," Ybarra said.

On Wednesday, Ybarra made her way to Rock Creek Elementary School to see the educational programs in the classrooms.

Ybarra told KMVT news she's making sure Twin Falls educator's voices are being heard.

"The goal is for me to, when we get into session with legislators, to actually share with them all of the great work that's going on in a local control level, as well as maybe some of the challenges the districts are having," Ybarra said.

Brady Dickinson, the Twin Falls School District's superintendent, said he plans to address teacher shortages and how to keep their students and staff safe on campus.

"Discussing strategies with the state superintendent on how we can attract more teachers to this region will be one of the issues that is on top of our list," Dickinson continued. "We're also interested in talking about school security, obviously, this is something that's on the hearts and minds of people around the state."

Dickinson said in order to attract teachers from the state or outside, they put in place a support system, including mentorship support.

KMVT asked Ybarra how she plans to make sure Idaho schools are safe.

"One of the things that we're really focus on this year is to keep Idaho students safe initiative, I know schools and districts are working very hard around keeping our kids safe, but we can always do more," Ybarra said. "That's one of the things my team and I'll be focusing on as this session rolls in."

Ybarra visited Canyon Ridge High School as well. The next stop in her winter tour will be in Pocatello on Nov. 29.

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