Community members, officials, leaders celebrate Carey centennial

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CAREY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Tuesday, Carey's 100th Birthday celebration was honor by city officials, state legislators, and community members at City Hall.

U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo presents Carey's Mayor Randy Patterson with a congressional record statement for Carey's 100th Birthday this year (KMVT/Ricardo Coronado).

Mayor Randy Patterson joined U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, Blaine County Commissioner Jacob Greenberg and City Council to commemorate the milestone.

"We have a rich heritage of hard working people who love this valley. Many of you can trace your roots back to generations some of you have recently adopted who are starting their own legacy here in Carey," Patterson said during a speech. "My hope is that all of us can work together to keep Carey a great place to live."

The centennial highlighted the opportunities the city of Carey has to offer.

"If you balance Idaho on a stick. It will balance right where we're at, so we're right in the middle of everything," Patterson said. "We have great recreational opportunities. We got fishing and hunting and biking."

The city has also seen some growth.

"We had quite a few building permits going on this year," he said. "People are building homes, people are building businesses, businesses are expanding."

But just like any other city, Carey has gone through some struggles.

"When I grew up (here), there was like three little grocery stores in town and now we don't even have a grocery store and that's been really hard because the grocery store was a part of a sense of community, too," said Julie Patterson, a Carey resident.

During the recognition, a county commissioner expressed that bringing back the grocery store was something they were looking into.

Patterson hopes Carey will be a city that brings many opportunities for families and visitors.

"Carey is a great community and has a lot of opportunity for that growth," He said.

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