Agencies announce statewide effort to stop drunk drivers

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Idaho Transportation Department is teaming up with law enforcement agencies across the state to get drunk drivers off the road.

Beginning Friday through Sept. 4, officers will be conducting additional patrols to reduce drunk driving on Idaho roads.

"One third of all crashes in Idaho unfortunately involve impaired driving, and that's a number that's really just unacceptable, and a number that we want to see drastically reduce,” stated Jessica Williams, the ITD’s public information specialist.

ITD will be teaming up with 57 agencies across the state to bring that number down, and the Idaho State Police will be among those patrolling the roads, stated Cpl. Scott Bolen.

“You've probably seen the ads that say 'drive sober or get pulled over,' that’s money from the federal government that goes out to these local agencies, we get emphasis put together and we try and find these DUIs," Bolen said. "So like for our district, we have a DUI team that works with other agencies, they're night shift and they go out and they hunt these guys to make sure that hey, we can keep families together."

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