Student use augmented reality to learn about marine life

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) In a landlocked state like Idaho, learning about the ocean and marine life can be a challenge.

But thanks to Google’s Expedition Program, fifth-graders at Oregon Trail Elementary are getting to see ocean life without leaving the classroom.

"It is an augmented reality program that allows teachers to bring in other places and things into the classroom that we've not been able to before," said Oregon Trail teacher Shannon Youngman.

Using augmented reality, the students are able to see things like ocean life, dinosaurs and spiders.

The Twin Falls School District was able to get the technology by pairing up with Blaine County schools.

"One of their technology people to put in a request for google to come to our school, and then after that to come to our state. It's been a months long process to get google to come here," Youngman said

Youngman also explained that it is important for these students to get to experience this.

"It's especially important for kids here in southern Idaho," she said. "We don't live near the ocean, so the fact that I can bring them to these different places that we're not able to get a bus and take a field trip to the ocean, it's just not practical. So this is a great way that we can bring kids virtually to places that we could not bring them otherwise."

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