O'Leary Middle School students prepare for state MATHCOUNTS competition

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Students at Vera C. O'Leary Middle School are getting ready to head to Boise for a state competition for their MATHCOUNTS team.

Ben Rands, an eiighth grader at O'Leary Middle School, practices his math at MATHCOUNTS practice after school on Feb. 11, 2020. (Source: KMVT)

"I just kind of enjoy that it helps us learn more math but have fun at the same time, so it’s useful and fun," said eighth grader Ben Rands.

Knowing that many students love math, Candace Wright started the O’Leary Middle School MATHCOUNTS team.

"I love math and I know there is a lot of kids that love math, so Mrs. Connor and I just wanted to provide an opportunity for those kids to have this outlet to learn more math, and be with other kids who like it," said Wright, who is the coach of the team and a teacher at Twin Falls High School.

The team competed in a regional competition on Friday, and because of their scores, are now heading to state.

"I kind of enjoyed the final round of the competition because then it was just two people competing head-to-head at a time and then the questions were easier and we were able to get the answers it was just who was able to get there first," Rands said.

The students come together to practice each week, so they will be prepared for the competition.

"These questions usually stretch them in some direction because they are more unique, and creativity is often the solution to finding a solution to a problem," Wright said.

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