Students learn about Idaho with edible map

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A local elementary school wraps up their fourth grade geography class with an edible map of Idaho.

They also learned the Idaho counties song.

The students learned about the different rivers, mountain ranges and cities in Idaho and marked Boise with an M&M as well as Twin Falls. The mountain ranges, such as Bitterroot Mountain were made with chocolate chip pieces.

Krystal Howe, a teacher at Rock Creek Elementary, says "Anytime you can get students excited about learning and they get to it, they are more likely to remember what they did."

Once the students finished their Idaho map cookie, Howe asks each student about each of the pieces of candy and what they represent.

Tanner Coleman, a student in Howe's class, says, "I would remember doing - probably eating it."

He also says Twin Falls is his favorite about Idaho because he lives here and thinks it's a good place.

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