Students learn the difficulty of special effects make-up

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - "A lot of us, we just see the final product — what we see on television and in the movies — but we don’t realize all the man hours and the hours alone that it takes to put someone into make-up to create a character for a show," said Lance Jones, a drama instructor at Burley High School.

Special effects make-up artist Dan Gilbert assists a student in creating a realistic looking scar.

Coming from an acting background, Jones got Dan Gilbert, a special effects makeup artist from Los Angeles, to teach special effects make-up to students like Tyler Willes.

"I go to look like I got bloodied up and got in a fight, and it was really fun," Willes said as he showed scars and a black eye created from make-up.

The all day workshop started with a demonstration, which usually takes up to two hours in a professional setting.

"I did a full face foam latex bat monster vampire make-up on one of the students, Madi," said Gilbert.

Madi Taylor is a senior at Burley High who told KMVT her interest in theatre piqued when she was only 6 years old, and it was an interesting experience to see what it's like from an actors point of view.

"I didn't see what it looked like for the entire process," Taylor said. "Evereybody else got to see from start to finish. But I just saw the end result so it was really terrifying."

But that wasn't the tough part.

"Around your mouth, you can't really open your mouoth that wide because it's glued to your face and so that was kind of hard. After that I was just so ready to get it off," she explained.

In the second half of the class, attendees tried their hand at creating special effects themselves with a foam latex scar.

"If you can paint foam latex, you can paint anything," expressed Gilbert. "Basically they'll glue it (the scar) down, and they'll use the same glue to blend the edges around the prosthetic into the skin. Then they'll powder that, and they'll use special effects make up to paint it, give it the highlights and shadows, the depth..."

The challenge and time it took to create a realistic scar left students with a greater appreciation for special effects make-up.

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