Students now learning about Sept. 11 attacks from history books

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Most American’s over a certain age remember where they were on 9/11. But students are now learning about it from a history book.

Students learn about first responders as part of their 9/11 lesson at Burley Junior High School (Source: KMVT/Rachel Fabbi).

At Burley Junior High, Kirsten Bame’s class was learning about 9/11 through the eyes of young girl.

“She actually lived in New York when she was 4 years old when 9/11 happened,” Bame explained to her class.

The letter was written by her friend, and Bame also had her husband come in and talk about first responders, as he’s an EMT and works with the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office.

“I wanted to read her story and let my kids know that this happened to real people, happened to people even younger than them, and then after that, I wanted to be sure that they learned about our first responders and how big of a role that they had in 9/11,” Bame said.

At Twin Falls High School, students in Travis Tarchione’s U.S. Government class watched news coverage of the day.

KMVT talked with student Kaya Box, who was born nearly a year after Sept. 11.

“It’s definitely like sad, but it also feels a bit like, disconnected," Box said. "Like you're learning about the Civil War and sad things happening then, like that how I feel about it. But like it's a bad event and I understand that, but it also feels a little bit just disconnected."

Tarchione explained why he decided to show news footage to the students.

“You know, I remember when you could take more than 4 ounces in your bag when you traveled because it wasn't a big deal," he said. "So it's a changing world and it's a good perspective for them to see it."

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