Students sample potential cafeteria menu items

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BURLEY, idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Remember the school lunches you didn't like and wished you had a say in what makes the menu?

Well, some Cassia students had that chance.

"You put free and food in the same sentence and they get pretty excited," said Principal Steve Copmann.

The Cassia School District brought Ruiz food truck to Burley Junior High on Tuesday to serve free samples of Ruiz food products, such as burritos and tornados.

Child Nutrition Director Angela Rodriquez says they get to vote on whether or not they like the samples.

"If [the samples] go well, it will go into our lunch program. I will be using them for our summer food program as well as the national lunch program for the cassia district," Rodriquez said.

Traveling across the country year round, a food service broker pushed for the food truck to stop in Cassia to encourage student involvement in lunch programs.

"It's all about participation and making sure that the kids eat (and to keep them in school)," said Mary Anne Smith of Key Impact Sales and Systems.

If they're more involved, Smith says chances are higher that they don't leave campus and stay in school where they're safer.

The few I talked to gave positive feedback like Alex.

"I think it's pretty good. I like it. I've tried it before, but it'd be pretty cool to have it at school," he said.

"I had one kid that thinks we needed to do this every Friday. Hand out free food every Friday, so that'd be kind of fun," said Principal Copmann.

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