Summit Elementary brings Tar Wars in the classroom

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Summit Elementary fifth graders got a special lesson Monday: Tar Wars!

It's an interactive program designed by the American Academy of Family Physicians to teach students the dangers of smoking.

"So they know how to respond to situations they may face in the coming years that may involve smoking," said Tracy Park, a fifth grade teacher who spear headed the program at the school.

The hour-long lesson included a presentation and a few hands-on activities.

"One of them is having them stand up in place for 15 seconds, and then trying to blow through a straw to breathe to show them the restrictions that smoking can have on you and your lungs," Park explained.

Another activity was called the "Sticky Man" where students wrote what they knew about tobacco on a sticky note and stuck it on a volunteer student.

The program also gives the students the opportunity to show their creativity with a poster contest that reflects the lesson. If a student places in the state, they win cash prizes for themselves and the school.

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