Swing dancing at the Upper Big Wood River Grange

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HAILEY, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) - The grange movement is making a comeback…

The nearly 150 year old institution started as place for farmers to share trade secrets.

Now local community members are getting back to their roots by participating in some of the local grange activities.

“It’s part of a national organization . There are over 2000 granges in the US and there are many in Idaho. There’s a state grange also,” said Manon Gaudreau, Treasurer, Upper Big Wood River Grange.

The grange movement started in 1867 as a way for farmers to network and lobby on their behalf.

The Upper Big Wood River Grange was founded in 1924 and has seen a surge of increased activity since there’s been more interest in sustainability and local farming.

The last two years there’s been a new spark of interest in The Grange and we have had more activities. There’s been more interest in local agriculture and the whole local food movement, sustainability, helping the local food economy, and so we’ve been more involved lately,” said Gaudreau.

You can participate in the fun on Saturday, March 19th.

The Rosewood Country Band is performing from 7 to 9pm and there is a potluck dinner at 5:30pm.

Adult tickets are $20 at the door..

Teenagers are $10.

Accompanied kids ages twelve and under are free.

"People love to collaborate and get together and live a healthy life, like having a dance from 7 to 9 instead of dancing till 12 and drinking alcohol. We don't do that . We just have it early, have fun, go to bed early," said Gaudreau.

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