Tax filing deadline looms

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) While taxpayers may be feeling stressed to a looming deadline to file their taxes, it's not necessarily time to hit the panic button for those needing an extension.

It all depends whether or not you owe the Internal Revenue Service money, or they owe you, accountant Sara Bronson says.

"Filing an extension is only an extension to file, not an extension to pay," she says.

If you don't owe the IRS money, Bronson says, you generally shouldn't be overly concerned about not having your taxes filed on time.

"No, if they owe you money. They're happy to keep it."

However, if you do owe money Bronson says it's important that you make your payment by April 15.

"If you generally owe in the past, you'll at least want to meet with your accountant to see if you're income is similar to last year. If it is, and you're going to owe, you'll want to send in your payment by April 15."

Bronson goes on to say that the easiest way to gain some piece of mind, regardless of your tax situation, is to visit your personal accountant.

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