Teacher writes about pet chicken to help children understand bullying

DIETRICH, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A Dietrich high school teacher recently wrote a book about a farm animal who symbolizes strength, friendship and standing up for what is right.

You wouldn't think a chicken could be a protector of the house, but you didn't know Frank.

Brett Peterson owned him for five years and wrote a book about his beloved pet called "The Chicken, Frank".

This bird ruled the roost during his lifetime, protecting the hens from predators and would fight off dogs if needed.

Despite his size, Frank made sure no one would bully his friends.

Peterson hopes the little ones could relate to his pet and learn some important messages from the book.

"They (the dogs) would just maul him, I'm not sure how he didn't die, he would just lose all his feathers, but he would stay in the hen house for a couple of days until his feathers grew back," Peterson exclaimed. "It was kind of funny and all the kids knew him, especially the little kids knowing about Frank."

Copies of the book are available through ccmoon007@gmail.com or you can call Deborah Moon at (208) 721-1686.