Teams bring boat in Friday's fatal boat accident to shore

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Teams from Twin Falls and Cassia counties recovered a boat that sank Friday and led to the death of one boater at Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir.

Teams from Twin Falls and Cassia counties returned to Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir Tuesday to recover the boat that was involved in Friday's incident which led to the death of one Heyburn man. (Source: Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office)

On Tuesday, teams worked from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. to bring the boat to shore.

The teams with three boats, 18 people and five divers used airbags to lift the boat from the bottom of the reservoir, according to a news release from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office. As previously reported, the boat was sitting upright at a depth of 103 feet.

After examination of the boat, Lt. Daron Brown said the accident occurred when the exhaust manifold blew apart leaving an approximate 5-inch diameter opening. Water rushed in through this hole and the filled the boat. He said it would have filled quickly.

James Wilson, 65, of Jerome, and Dr. Eugene Holm, 80, of Heyburn, were boating Friday morning on the reservoir when Wilson heard a loud bang before the boat began taking on water. Wilson said he saw the water coming in before dialing 911.

Rescuers pulled Wilson from the reservoir and crews attempted to locate the boat and Holm. An underwater drone showed Holm was in the boat on the reservoir. Divers were able to bring Holm’s body to the surface Saturday afternoon.

The boat recovered from Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir (Source: Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office)

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