Teenagers rescued near Perrine Bridge

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A joint effort between the Twin Falls Fire Department, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department Search & Rescue, and the Magic Valley Paramedics was deployed Sunday afternoon to rescue two teenagers trapped along a trail near the Perrine Bridge.

First responders rescue two teen Sunday afternoon who were climbing along the canyon near the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls (KMVT/Garrett Hottle).

Lt. Daron Brown of the Twin Fall's Sheriff's Department indicated unified command responded to a call of four teenagers stranded down on a trail underneath the Perrine Bridge, and that two of those teenagers were able to make their way off the trail on their own strength.

However because of the challenging terrain where the teenagers were located, which was on a steep embankment by the cement where the pillars of the Perrine Bridge met the ground, the remaining two teenagers required rescuing. Brown said although the two teens that were rescued were in an area the public is allowed to be on, it's not an ideal location for the inexperienced hiker or climber.

"You know we talk about hiking in this area all the time, and what a beautiful canyon we have," Brown said. "Unless you are trained to climb and you have the equipment, the knowledge,and the experience you should not be down here climbing on the canyon walls trying to get in and out."

Brown went on to say there were no injuries to speak of other than some scrapes and scratches, and the incident was a good example of Twin Falls emergency responders working well together.

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