Teens at higher risk for deadly Meningitis B

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A new study has put college students and teens most at risk for contracting Meningitis B.

The Pediatrics health journal published a study stating college students between 18 and 24 were three and a half times more likely to develop the life-threatening Meningitis B infection.

Men-B is contacted through close respiratory and oral contact, which could elevate risks by living in dorm rooms, sharing glasses and utensils or kissing.

There is a vaccine against Men-B few teens and young adults receive it because it's not currently on the recommended immunization list for those heading to college.

“It’s important to get the vaccine prior to an exposure because the symptoms can come on suddenly within 24 hours. And it can cause additional problems, it can cause a blood infection, it can cause you to lose limbs such as arms, legs that type of thing,” said South Central Public Health Epidemiologist Tanis Maxwell.

The South Central Public Health District in Twin Falls offers the vaccine through the Vaccines for Children Program, where the cost is only $20 through the clinic.

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