Teens raise $13K to help save classmates lives in case of mass casualty

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Two high school seniors are on a mission to help protect their classmates’ lives.

After raising $13,000, lifesaving kits are now on hand in hopes of preventing a tragedy.

Fallon Cassidy is the daughter of an emergency room doctor and her friend Karlee Price's mom is a nurse.

“It was around May and my school we had a lock down and that's when I was like okay we need stuff in the schools to prevent this,” said Cassidy.

These high school seniors at different Magic Valley schools, decided to team up and raise funds to purchase Stop the Bleed kits.

“We left it up to the schools where they want the kits at, but as far as Twin Falls High they said just wherever is necessary, like wherever is easy, accessible,” Price said .

The kits include gauze, tape, markers, a tourniquet and other supplies in case of a mass casualty event.

“We hope to never really need these in schools but if a mass shooting does happen or someone falls off a ladder and cuts themselves, we have them there to prevent their life from being lost,” Price said.

Dawn Soto works for the St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation and was an integral part in helping the two teens meet local business members to spread their message and raise funds.

She is also the parent of a high school freshman.

“The thought of something tragic happening there just breaks my heart,” said Soto. “So being a part of something that can actually help save lives, especially young people, is really important and needs to happen.”

With the kits came hands on practice on how to apply the materials.
Local paramedics say this training can ultimately end up saving precious seconds.

“Having these skills or temporarily stopping that bleeding is critical for long term survivability of the individual,” said James Rohm, a paramedic educator.

An individual saved, because the future of Idaho - two Magic Valley students - stepped up to make a difference.

“I was kind of nervous to go to school and so I was like ‘I wonder if these kits would help just in case something did happen in this small community,’" Price said.

Jerome High School is also raising funds to purchase their own kits.
$450 pays for one duffel bag full of kits. Some people have even expressed interest in purchasing their own to keep in their car when they frequently travel.

To learn more, contact the St. Luke’s Health Foundation at 208-814-0070. All donations are tax deductible.

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