Paramedic walks across Idaho promoting safe sleep

One man is walking 600 miles across Idaho to teach and inform people about Sudden Infant Death...
One man is walking 600 miles across Idaho to teach and inform people about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and the easy things parents can do to make sure it doesn't happen you them (KMVT/Elizabeth Hadley)(KMVT)
Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 9:59 PM MDT
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One man is walking 600 miles all across Idaho to educate and inform people about sudden infant death syndrome.

"It’s about safe infant sleep, baby should be alone on your back in a crib," said the Alone Back Crib Guy, or Bart Buckendorf. "That’s the safest way for a baby to sleep, per the American Academy of Pediatrics."

After hearing too many stories of babies dying in their sleep as an Ada County Paramedic, he decided to do something about it — walk 600 miles all across Idaho.

"I guess the motivation for me was just seeing all those infant deaths, and then seeing that there was a way to help prevent them," Buckendorf said. "It’s so easy. It’s just alone on their back in their crib, remember that mainly."

He spends his days walking and his night teaching.

"I'm, walking from town to town in Idaho, as many as I can hit, in about six and a half weeks," he said. "I started in Pocatello, coming here through the Magic Valley and then Boise and back up to Coeur d'Alene."

If people take one thing away from it, it’s the ABCs of safe sleep.

"No blankets, no crib bumpers, no pillows, no toys," he said. "I've seen what happens when that stuff is in their crib, and especially not in an adult bed."

His classes will be in Murtaugh at City Hall, Twin Falls at the Visitors Center/Bridge, Buhl, at the Buhl Library, Hagerman at the Fire Department and and Jerome at the Fire Department and then on his way to Boise.