Deadline U.S residents to get Star Card approaches

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The deadline for everyone across the United States to obtain their real ID, or Star Card as it is called in Idaho, is quickly approaching. Putting you first KMVT is giving you all the details on this new federal mandate.

The deadline approaches for U.S residents to get their Star Card (Jake Manuel Brasil/KMVT)

Starting Oct. 1, 2020, all U.S residents will need either a Star Card, passport, military identification, or some other form of federal ID to board a flight or get into a federal building.

Now a Star Card is not required, but the Twin Falls Department of Motor Vehicles says that people never know when a Star Card will be needed in day-to-day life, and carrying a passport around at all times is not something that many people do.

The cost of the Star Card is the same as a traditional driver's license. This new form of identification comes from the findings in the 9/11 Commission of 2005.

KMVT got a chance to speak with Jennifer Gonzalez who tells KMVT the most simple ways to get the Star Card and the documents needed for it.

"What you may need may be different then I need or what your colleague may need. Documents include a Social Security card, it would be two forms of residency, so a bill like a power bill or a water bill," Gonzalez says.

She goes on to say that all those documents cannot be laminated and they must be certified. For a full list of the documents visit the ITD webpage.

KMVT also got a chance to speak with Mayor Shawn Barigar, who shares his personal experience in getting a Star Card.

"My son turned 18 this year and had to renew his drivers license, I got on the website, found the info he needed to get a Star Card and at the same time I went ahead did my paperwork as well, and updated my license at the time, too," Barrigar says.

The DMV is urging everyone to come and get there Star Card as soon as possible, as they will be expecting a big rush with long lines in September of next year.

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