Thousands pack Ketchum's main street for sheep trailing festival

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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Sunday, thousands of people made their way to to Ketchum's Main Street for the 22nd Annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival parade.

The parade started with Basque dancers, Peruvian performers and historic sheep herd wagons entertaining the crowd before the big sheep finale.

"I didn't know anything of what was going on and hearing the background on why they're moving the sheep and that's, it's like a big Basque tradition," said first time spectator Kara Hamlin."It was really cool."

About 1,500 sheep trailed through town for their annual migration. This year's host was Faulkner Land and Livestock.

"It was just fun to see them running and my kids so excited about it," Hamlin said.

The festival gave the public a glimpse of Idaho heritage, something for everyone to enjoy.

"Well we love the Basque pipes, we loved all the kids, and the 4H animals," said Leslie Stocklin, who traveled from Dallas, Texas to spend time with her family.

The five day event included shepherding stories as well as wool classes and documentary film showings.