Three Percent of Idaho marches against Refugee Program in Twin Falls

TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) Three percent of Idaho protesters met in Twin Falls this afternoon to march against the Refugee Program.

Marchers disagree with current procedures and policies in place for the Refugee Program.

They said they are not against helping people or the refugees, but want different policies and a process put in place.

They want better security measures and a database set up to see the refugees' background.

"We just want to make a presence letting the public know and CSI in particularly that we aren't okay with the funding that we are giving and not okay with the job losses that are happening here. We know there are businesses here that have laid off workers to hire refugees. We know that. So the city chamber of commerce is saying something completely opposite. So there's not transparency in this program,” said Brandon Curtiss, 3% of Idaho President.

The Three Percent of Idaho group attended a forum last month regarding the CSI Refugee Program.

Halfway through, Three Percent members left because they say the forum was very one–sided.