Sheep cut through Ketchum to cap off annual festival

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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Sheep herding and ranching is an Idaho’s tradition. It’s a tradition honored by the trailing of the sheep festival in the Wood River Valley.

The festival wrapped up today with the Trailing of the Sheep Parade. About 2,000 sheep jogged down Main Street in Ketchum.

Hundreds of people from around the state and country lined the road to watch. The tradition started 21 years ago, and the small sheep migration isn't just for show.

"The sheep have actually come out of grazing in pastures in the mountains and they're heading south for winter grazing instead of taking them on an actual sheep driveway they come down Main Street so we can celebrate them that way," said Laura Musbach Drake, the festival’s executive director.

The parade is a culmination of a five day festival.

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