UPDATE: Coroner: Man injured in tree cutting accident has died

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — UPDATE: (5/5) 11:56 a.m.

An elderly man was taken to an area hospital Thursday morning after being injured by a fallen tree in southeast Jerome.

The Twin Falls County Coroner's office identified a Gooding County man who died Sunday, from injuries sustained in a tree falling accident that occurred on May 2 in Jerome.

In a release, they identify the man as Hubert Johnson, 74, from Gooding County.

Johnson was in the process of removing trees behind the Clover Creek apartment complex in Jerome on Thursday, May 2 when the accident occurred.

Magic Valley Paramedics responded to the accident and found Johnson without a pulse. After performing CPR, paramedics were able to return a pulse to Johnson, who was then air lifted to St. Lukes Magic Valley Hospital in Twin Falls to receive medical treatment, and listed as in critical condition according to a hospital administrative supervisor.

Johnson was pronounced dead Sunday morning, by the Twin Falls County Coroner, Gene Turley.

UPDATE: 5:56 p.m.
According to an administrator at St. Luke's Magic Valley Hospital in Twin Falls, the individual is currently in critical condition.

An elderly man was taken to an area hospital Thursday morning after being injured by a fallen tree.

The Jerome Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Mike Harrison said the man was cutting down small trees behind an apartment complex on the 1200 block of South Davis Street in Jerome when a tree fell on him.

The property owner, Larry Bodily, was out helping cut down trees with the man that was injured and was with him when the accident occured. He told a KMVT reporter at the scene that the man was cutting off some smaller branches when number of branches fell on the man.

"We had the tree already down but I could see that there was pressure already on the limbs and we were going to start sawing some limbs," Bodily said. "It released the pressure and the limb right over here then laid right across his back."

The property owner removed the tree branches and drug them away from the man. He started asking for help and for someone to call 911.

"After I had screamed and hollered around here and got somebody to call 911. I managed to get his saw out from where under where he was sawing and saw off the limb that was pressuring him."

Nicole Bradshaw, a resident at Clover Creek, heard Bodily's call for help and came out of her apartment and began giving chest compressions before paramedics arrived.

"I didn't see any breathing, and I asked if he was breathing," Bradshaw said. "I ran back inside, and got my shoes on. Came back and out, and they asked if I knew CPR and I took over."

Harrison said the quick response and efforts of the Magic Valley Paramedics made a difference. Emergency crews did CPR and were able to get a pulse before putting the man on a medical helicopter.

"There wasn't any pulse when I got up, but I stayed and listened and they finally got a pulse a few minutes later," Bradshaw said.

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