Truck pulling horse trailer catches fire east of Buhl

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — No humans or animals were reportedly injured Sunday afternoon when a truck pulling a trailer caught fire east of Buhl.

Image of truck pulling a trailer that caught fire Sunday afternoon east of Buhl. Courtesy Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office Deputy Robinson.

Buhl Fire Chief Andrew Stevens said fire crews knocked down the fire within about five minutes.

“My crew, they arrived and did a good job. I think everything went well,” he said, on the phone. “(We) had a quick response time.”

Stevens said the fire started in the engine compartment of the pickup-truck and the cause was undetermined. There were two people in the truck and two horses in the trailer, all escaped injury.

The truck caught fire at about 2:44 p.m., just west of 1600 E 4200 N. The fire spread to the edge of the field, and about a hundred yards to the base of a power pole before being controlled by 3:03 p.m., the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.

Stevens said the pickup truck is a total loss, but he believes the trailer is fine.

The sheriff's office also posted some pictures on Facebook and thanked the Buhl Fire Department for a quick response, preventing a fire from getting out of control.

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