Twin Falls Animal Shelter sees 12 new animals over course of July Fourth night

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls Animal Shelter received 12 new animals since July Fourth, said Debbie Blackwood, the director of the shelter. She said while that number is large, considering their shelter has a capacity of 70, it's actually good news compared to previous years.

"As soon ago as five years ago we got forty animals in," Blackwood said. "Forty is astronomical."

She was optimistic that so far they've only seen 12, and said that maybe the outreach and education efforts of the community are paying off.

"It is good news," Blackwood said.

Despite that, Blackwood does believe that number could increase in weeks to come.

"Fourth of July and fireworks, and the whole phenomenon of very frightened animals isn't over yet," Blackwood said. "I think it's going to be all weekend."

Debbie says one animal missing from their owner is still too many, and that if you find yourself in a position where you're searching for your pet, you need to call your local pet shelter or police dispatch to let them know your pet is missing.

"We'll let you know if it's in this building or if anyone's called in." Blackwood said.

She said you should make sure your pet is microchipped, if it isn't already.

Dr. Liz Stratman of the Green Acres Pet Center in Twin Falls agrees, and says that they see an influx of pet owners come in relation to events over the Fourth of July holiday.

"Whether it's people needing medications for fireworks that are still going on, we see a lot of pancreatitis issues from dogs are getting to many hamburgers or hot dogs," Stratman said.

She says the microchip process is relatively inexpensive and easy to do.

"We charge a one-time fee that's an activation and placement of the microchip," Stratman said. "It's just like a bigger vaccine, beneath skin and shoulder blades. That's in place for life."

She say's it's quick way to gain some peace of mind for pet owners.

"Whether it's the shelter a vet clinic, the police stations," Stratman said. "They have scanners where they can try and get the pet back to the owners."

For more information or to report a missing pet you can contact the Twin Falls Animal Shelter , if you live in Twin Falls, or contact your local shelter, pound or dispatch.

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