Twin Falls BLM firefighters prepare for wildfire season

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Fire season is upon us and the Twin Falls Bureau of Land Management firefighters are putting their skills to the test with multiple fire training drills.

On Tuesday, more than 80 BLM firefighters trained at the Devil's Corral in Jerome County. The fire season can bring the unexpected and officials want to make sure the crews are prepare for such things.

"We trained really hard each year to ensure firefighter safety and public safety and part of that is making sure they know how to use the equipment and they're comfortable and confident o doing it, if a situation does arise, they're ready to do it," said BLM public information officer Kelsey Brizendine.

The fire crews were dispersed into different groups, jumping from one training drill to another. The crews participated in a medical drill and one scenario had them look for a lost child during a fire rescue, giving the firefighters a chance to train under pressure.

"I was not expecting for the child to have autism," said Anastasie Echeverria a BLM firefighter. "I would think a search and rescue you will be hollering a lot, but they say not to to do that because he gets scared and hide."

She said the hands-on-experience will prepare all of the groups out in the field.

"Practice communication and learning the steps on how to work together to have the best result and just throwing everything at us, so we do know what to do when real life hits," Echeverria said.

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