Twin Falls City Council preps for potentially opening

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TWIN FALLS, KMVT There may be an opening on city council soon and its members are encouraging prospective replacements to get involved now.

That vacancy will likely be due to don hall being elected to county commissioner.

Hall won the Republican Primary in may and if he wins the general election in November, the council will be searching for a replacement to finish out his term.

The new seat will be appointed by the mayor at the approval of the rest of the council.

There won't be a formal application process until November, but Mayor Barigar said it is not too early to think about the seat if you are interested.

"We encourage people to get engaged now, so they better understand what it is that it takes to run city government and to provide the services for our citizens and be more informed as we go through that formal appointment process," Barigar said.

Barigar said that he will look for similar things for the replacement as the voters do.

That means someone who is dedicated to the community, willing to hear and understand citizen input, and willing to try and move the community forward.

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