Twin Falls continues left hand turn signal installations, urges motorists to drive carefully

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - When motorists are driving around town in Twin Falls, be aware of road workers as they're putting in left turn signals at intersections.

City spokesman Joshua Palmer said the flashing yellow arrow allows traffic to flow a little more freely and eliminate some congestion.

In addition to that, the city has been installing ADA accessible ramps around town to make the community safer and more accessible.

This is all part of a new standard and the local highway improvement project.

As motorists might have noticed while driving down Shoshone Street in downtown, the stripes on the road are a little different.

Palmer said it's done that way in part to slow down motorists.

"We know the change can be difficult, honestly, the striping gets changed up, the lights get changed up. We just ask that people be aware and attentive when they're driving," Palmer said.

Crews will soon start working on the intersections that are south of Main Avenue and Shoshone Street until they complete them all the way to Minidoka Avenue.

Other traffic signals and lights are on a maintenance schedule, some from time-to-time, some work may be done.

Palmer asks motorists to slow down around the roadwork.

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