Twin Falls Co. Sheriff's Office joins search for missing boy

Published: Jul. 21, 2015 at 4:58 PM MDT
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The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is joining the search for a missing boy in Lemhi County, and bringing advanced technology.

According to Sheriff Tom Carter, Wednesday morning four Twin Falls deputies will use two drones to search remote areas where 2–year–old Deorr Kunz Jr. went missing on July 10th.

Crews have been searching the Timber Creek and Stone Reservoir area since then.

According to our sister station KIDK, Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn D. Bowerman confirmed via telephone Tuesday that someone scattering human remains in the area contaminated the search area.

The scent of the remains threw off some of the search dogs, leading the trackers on a false trail.

Sheriff Bowerman also stated that at this time he does not consider the parents to be suspects in the child's disappearance. He confirmed they did take a polygraph test but didn't know when or if the results of the test would be released to the public.