Twin Falls Commissioners update dress code

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Friday morning the Twin Falls Board of Commissioners met to consider updating the dress code and personal appearance policy.

The decision to make a change came when the Board of Commissioners were updating policies and they realized that a proposal to the Smoking/Tobacco Usage and Dress Code and Personal appearance policy needed a resolution.

This proposal focused specifically on modernizing the dress code and allowing county employees to accept a casual look in the work place and wear denim.

"This change actually came from the commissioners themselves. We were reviewing policy and we noticed that what it said in our policy and the way that employees were coming to work and dressing; not that they were dressing inappropriately, but that it wasn't actually aligned with our policy. So we wanted to update it to reflect that,” said Twin Falls County Human Resource Director Elaine Molignoni.

Employees are still expecting to dress for the occasion and appropriately for events.

Elected county officials are allowed to have their own dress code but this can now include clean jeans with no holes or rips.

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