Twin Falls County Fair members warn about ticket scams

FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls County Fair organizers warn guest about purchasing tickets from third-party sellers after board members found a unauthorized website selling tickets for the events.

"It was an Old Dominion concert at the Shouse Arena in Filer, Idaho, well that's not authorized by us," said marketing director Nancy Pitz.

Pitz stresses the public should be cautious when purchasing tickets.

"They need to be aware when they're out there on social media to make sure what they're clicking on is something that is sanctioned by the Twin Falls County Fair and to go to our website We are the only ticketing outlet for the TFCF," Pitz said.

Pitz said this year they will offer a user-friendly website provided by Sapphire Advanced.

In the past, guests had to purchase their tickets a day in advance, but the new feature will allow them to buy their tickets they day of, but without the discounted price.

"You can go on and purchase your tickets on your phone while standing on line," Pitz said.

The new feature does not apply to ride tickets. The Twin Falls County Fair runs from Aug. 29 to Sept 3.

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