Twin Falls County test run ballot counting machines ahead of Tuesday's election

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls County is making sure they are ready for Tuesday’s election.

The Twin Falls County is required to test the ballot counting machines ahead of Tuesday's election

On Monday, Twin Falls County Commissioners held a public test of the ballot counting system.

In fact, KMVT is told multiple tests are done on the machines before they are even brought to local polls.

"So basically we add the ballots onto this little tray and make sure it's tight in here and hit scan, ballot and start and it does everything else," said Brian Stephenson, county employee.

Both Filer and Shoshone school districts are seeking bonds in tomorrow's election.

The school bonds will be for different repairs and upgrades throughout the school districts.

Of course, we will have the results for you as they come in here on KMVT.

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