Clerk evacuates store after seeing ceiling on fire

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Twin Falls Fire Department responded to a structure fire about 6:15 in the evening on Saturday, Oct. 21. The call came from Runway Fashion Exchange in between Target and WinCo.

Ashton Ficek, a worker at Runway Fashion Exchange, said, "We were just walking around the store because we smelled smoke and then I walked toward the front of the store and then I saw the ceiling was on fire."

She said she called 911 right away and evacuated everyone out of the building.

"We had some construction workers that were doing some hot work on top of one of the buildings. We had some slag from that hot work that had worked it's way down through the crawl space and caught some ceiling tiles on fire," said Ron Aguirre, battalion chief of the Twin Falls Fire Department.

Ficek said she was really nervous about the whole event.

"I was shaking because I've never had to call 911 before and it was really scary because I didn't know what to do exactly," she said.

Aguirre said the workers of the fashion store reacted appropriately and said there was minor damage.

"We had to evacuate both sides — both stores to each side of the store and then we got in there and were able to pinpoint the spot where the fire was," he said.

Workers returned to the store and reopened after the fire department said it was safe to do so.

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