Twin Falls High School offering new military science class

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls High School is offering a new class for those interested in the military.

Sgt. David Pak teaches kids in the military science class at Twin Falls High School (KMVT/Rachel Fabbi).

The idea for the military sciences class all started about four years ago, when teacher Matt Coleman had an idea.

“I've seen ROTC programs before in the state of Idaho, and I just thought it was a really great program," Coleman said. "And so when I came to Twin Falls, I didn't see one. And I kind of looked at how can we bring a program like this into Twin Falls."

Coleman eventually got into contact with the Idaho National Guard unit in Twin Falls.

“So it's really been a team effort between the National Guard, administrators at Twin Falls High School, district level, and people just really buying into the program,” Coleman said.

The school had to make sure students we're interested, and they were.
Nineteen students are taking the class this semester, with Coleman estimating them being filled to capacity next semester.

Student Caleb Perreira explained why he’s taking the class.

“I wanted to take this class to kind of prepare me for, I don't want to say the real world, 'cause we're kind of already in it, but stuff out of high school," he said. "So being able to have good leadership qualities, being able to know when to lead, when not to lead. Pretty much leadership qualities was what I wanted to get out of it."

When KMVT went to the class on Thursday morning, the students were getting some hands-on learning, Sgt. David Pak with the Idaho National Guard explains.

“We're teaching what's called CLS, combat lifesaver," Pak said. "That's things such as applying a tourniquet or working on somebody that's injured in the field."

Students learn both real world skills, and if they decide to join the armed forces after they graduate, the class also gives them a leg up.

“ROTC programs offer kids a basically a rank up when they enlist," Pak said. "And so hopefully in the future we can get blessed off and get accredited, so that way we can help kids be a rank up when they enlist and end up going to boot camp, to whatever branch."

This is the first semester the Twin Falls School District has offered this class.

Twin Falls High School college and career counselor Mariah Edwards explained how the district decides to offer a new class.

“They’re very open to new things and expanding for kids," Edwards said. "I mean we have the new construction program now. It’s not really a number thing for them. I think if someone approaches them and says we have kids that are really needing something, they always want to pursue that. They’re just very willing to do what’s best for the kids."

Edwards also said they would like to see the class become bigger and offered at all the high schools in the district.

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