Twin Falls County looks to next steps after jail bond fails

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Nov. 5 election, people cast their vote for the $25 million Twin Falls County Jail bond: 58% for yes, 42% for no.

The Twin Falls County Jail Bond failed in Tuesday's election. County Commissioner and Jail Administrator tell KMVT what they are going to do next. (Source: KMVT)

“The jail bond didn’t pass, the people have spoken," said Don Hall, one of the County Commissioners. "The majority of the people said yes, obviously from the votes, but you have to have a super majority so we respect that process, so it is what it is."

As of Wednesday, there are 280 people in the jail, and only 194 beds. The jail bond was aimed to stop this problem.

“I think as a county, and as part of the administration of the sheriff’s office, we need to take a step to relieve some of that pressure before something really negative happens and creates a bigger problem,” said Doug Hughes, the jail administrator.

The county commissioners and the sheriff’s office will have a meeting on Friday to talk about what can be done since the bond failed.

“Pouring over some ideas of how to release some pressure that is there, and come up with some ideas, that can do that, because again, not only do those employees deserve a healthy place to work in, but the inmates do as well,” Hall said.

Hughes says that if the jail stays at the capacity it is now, people will not receive any rehabilitation or help for when they get back into society.

“From our standpoint, we feel that programming is a huge part of putting a person back out into society, with programming, it’s a big part of helping the community as a whole," Hughes said.

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