Twin Falls police buckle down on drag racing

Police talk to KMVT about drag racing issue in Twin Falls.
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Street racing is a trend that many people are familiar with, whether strangers are revving their engines at a stop light or meeting up to race on empty streets. This activity, however has made its way to Twin Falls, and it's become more frequent than ever before.

Recently a man in Jerome was charged after racing on Pole Line Road and ramming a police car twice during the pursuit.

Twin Falls Police Department tells KMVT that this is the kind of thing that comes and goes depending on the season. They've written twice the amount of tickets for street racing this year than last year, and what some people may see as a good time can actually be fatal.

”People think that it's fun, that it's harmless and they don't hurt anybody, but being here for a while, I know that we have people that have died simply because they're racing and sometimes it's not the drivers of a car. It might be a passenger, or somebody else and it's an extremely dangerous thing to do," says Ryan Howe, traffic sergeant with the Twin Falls Police Department.

Twin Falls police currently have several pending investigations involving racing and are always sharing information with the county and state to limit these activities as much as possible.

If people see street racing, they can contact their local law enforcement agencies.

For Twin Falls, Gooding, Jerome and Lincoln counties visit Residents in these counties can also dial the nonemergency 311 from a landline or cell phone to reach dispatch.

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