UPDATED: Twin Falls Police receive call of possible abduction, days later receive call of another attempt

The alleged incident ended up being a drill a father and daughter were doing. (KMVT)
The alleged incident ended up being a drill a father and daughter were doing. (KMVT)(KMVT)
Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 5:51 PM MST
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The Twin Falls Police Department reached out to KMVT later Monday to say that a second "incident" actually took place on Sunday on Ridgeway Drive.

This incident they did not know about when KMVT first contacted police about the initial reported child abduction attempt for the story below.

Police are investigating the newly reported case and there are few details at the moment. KMVT will update this story as more information becomes available.


KMVT has seen social media posts about an alleged attempted kidnapping taking place in Twin Falls in the area of Ridgeway Drive.

KMVT confirmed one incident that happened was a role-playing event between a father and his first-grade daughter, explained J.P. O’Donnell, the public outreach coordinator with the Twin Falls Police Department.

“The scenario was she was walking home from school and somebody approached her and offered her candy and asked her to get in the vehicle," he said. "We had a bystander, which we're thankful did call us to alert us. Unfortunately the bystander did not know that this was a role-play event."

While this incident ended up being a false alarm, O’Donnell said they take things like this seriously. He also said if people plan to do a drill like this, to notify them ahead of time.

“If you're doing it out in the public’s eye, in the community, that would kind of alert us, that's OK, there's not a concern here, this is actually a parent trying to teach safety to their children," he said. "That would save us some time. And also not only time, but those matters, we take very serious in our community."

However, they do ask to community to speak up if they see something suspicious, or have a bad feeling about a situation.

“A lot of times when we talk with our community, they may tell us, yeah it just didn't seem right," O'Donnell said. "Well if it doesn't seem right, please call us, please let us know as a police department. Let us look into it; we can make that determination. You know, times of the essence in these situations, and we want to make sure and ensure the safety of our community."

People are also advised to call the cops before posting assumptions on social media sites.

"If you later decide to, you know if the community later decides to post on social media, that's fine. But please let us begin that investigation and look for things,” O’Donnell added.

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