Twin Falls School District seeks to pass an emergency levy

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls School District is trying to pass an emergency levy at Monday night's school board meeting.

The Twin Falls School District is seeking to pass an emergency levy at Monday night's school board meeting.

The school board is trying to pass this because they have an estimated 120 more students this year than last year.

"Emergency levy's are in place in Idaho to give districts a way to handle the growth that they have within their schools," said superintendent Brady Dickinson. "Each year we look at how many students you have compared to the year prior, and that determines what you qualify for."

The state of Idaho has a teacher shortage, and they have to hire all their teachers in the spring, the emergency levy would be used to help retain staff that may be teaching bigger classes.

"It's a little tricky in Idaho right now because there is a teacher shortage," said Dickinson. "We have to hire all of our teachers in the spring, not knowing how many students are going to come through the door. Ideally, you would wait and see exactly how many students you have."

Many school districts across Idaho use the emergency levy system.

“The Twin Falls School District has a long history of utilizing the emergency levy,” Dickinson said. "It's important to note that this year's emergency levy is substantially less than what we've qualified for in the past. Last year the emergency levy was approximately 2.5 million. This year we qualify for only $650,000. Definitely will help to make sure we meet our budget, all our budget guidelines."

The levy will be voted on Monday night at the school board meeting.

A KMVT reporter is at the meeting. Tune in tonight for the latest.

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