Twin Falls School District teams up to provide lunches for kids

Published: Jul. 8, 2019 at 5:23 PM MDT
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The Twin Falls School District is working with the Idaho Department of Agriculture to add to their already existing free lunch program, which take place during the summer.

This is the first year the district has teamed up with the state, even though the district has offered the free summer lunch program for almost 20 years.

Lori Rieth, the director of the district’s nutrition program, tells KMVT that they give out around 1,700 lunches a day during the week,

and by partnering up with the State Department of Agriculture, they're able to teach them about what goods Idaho produces.

“This is their third year of doing the farm-to-summer program in Idaho. And so we teamed with them this summer year, for that program,” Rieth stated.

The department gives a little lesson about what fruits and vegetables Idaho produces, as well as giving out little goodie bags filled with healthy foods, such as cherries.

KMVT talked with a boy, Caelum Hansen, who said he uses the program often.

“I come here as much as possible," said Caelum , who will be attending the ninth grade this fall. "Mainly my parents send me here for the lunch, and also it's a great way to meet up with your friends at the park, and to have fun, play around and ride your bikes around."

The program offers lunch to kids as old as 18, to ensure they get at least one nutritious meal a day during the summer.