Twin Falls School District teams up with health district to educate parents about prescription drugs and vaping

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - After recent incidents in the Twin Falls School District, officials teamed up with the health district to educate parents and teachers about a few drug issues.

Superintendent Brady Dickinson said they recently had two instances where students were sharing prescription medication with other students.

Those incidents have been addressed and now school officials, along with parents are being educated on the dangers of prescription medications and vaping.

Presentations went into talking about the dangers of the drugs, how they can be safe and what to look out for.

"I think the shocking part is when we hear about kids as young as elementary students sharing prescription meds," Dickinson said. "A lot of times, the kids they don't fully understand what they're doing, so it's important the kids understand the dangers that can come from sharing meds and so that's why we're really trying to raise the awareness for parents."

He said it's a partnership between the schools and parents to make sure the kids know what they are doing and how to prevent medications from falling into the wrong hands.

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